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Our college signs the memorandum of cooperation with The Open University of Hong Kong

Our college has a further cooperation with The Open University of Hong Kong, that is to say, the Peixian students can chances to take the undergraduate courses and obtain a Bachelor(file://C://Users/Administrator/AppData/Local/youdao/dict/Application/;) degree inThe OUHK, when they graduate.The signing ceremony of the memorandum of cooperation was held at The Open University of Hong kong and chaired by Dr. Kuang, vice president of the College of Public Sumanities and Social Sciences in OUHK. The representatives of both sides stand close and look forward to a further cooperation in future. This is a great opportunities for the students in Peixian.

Dr. Tam Kwok-kan(Dean, School of Arts and Social Sciences) & Dr. He Houhuang ( President,Hong Kong Peixian Group co., LTD)