International Communication

Peixian is open to all universities and countries and looking for all kinds of models of Sino-Foreign Cooperation in Education.

Welcome the representatives from Curtin University to our college

November 30, 2017, morning , Simon Winetroube, the vice-chancellor , Ruth Ong, InternationalDirector, Iby Moh, Operations Manager, Joseph Tan, International Marketing Manager,they are visiting Guangxi Peixian International college as the representativesfr

Our college signs the memorandum of cooperation with The Open University of Hong Kong

Our college has a further cooperation with The Open University of Hong Kong, that is to say, the Peixian students can chances to take the undergraduate courses and obtain a Bachelor degree inThe OUHK, when they graduate.The signing ceremony of the memoran

Professor Mills, the former director of the Asia Center of Harvard University, delivers a speech

In order to enrich the campus culture, broaden students horizons, and bring more international education resources, Professor Mills, director of the Asia center at Harvard University, was invited to our college.

Campus life & Activities

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