Faculty and Major

Professor Mills, the former director of the Asia Center of Harvard University, delivers a speech

In order to enrich the campus culture, broaden students' horizons, and bring more international education resources, Professor Mills, director of the Asia center at Harvard University, was invited to our college.

It aims to create the strongest job competitiveness with the capabilities of "Profession & English"

Faculty and students attend it.

In the lecture, Professor Mills, focuses on the importance of English learning, he said English is the main language in international communication, as a useful tools to have access to acquire knowledge all around the world . To learn well , you should read more good English books, newspapers, magazines.etc.

The lecture not only widen students' view, but also let teachers and students to further recognize the importance of learning English in our school at the same time. The students also said that  they will be more clear to set goals, practice oral English, enhance the competitiveness of their employment after graduation .